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Blueberry Beetle is an online art school with visual art courses designed for anyone, anywhere, with internet access!

Blueberry Beetle courses are actual courses, meaning they’ll take you through each step in completing an artwork in your chosen medium or subject matter to progressively build up your skills. Our courses include as much hands on practise as we can squeeze in, not just videos or written material.

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Our Aim

I started this school to address the issues many people have when trying to learn more about painting and drawing - a lack of nearby courses, other commitments on their time, cost, or the lack of courses at the right level for them at the right time. Growing up in a regional area I was all too familiar with this problem. However, Iwas lucky enough as an adult to get the chance to move to a capital city and study fine arts in the classical (realism) tradition, which is not a chance everyone gets. So let me bring it to you.

Over the years, many new students have told me that their previous art education had been very piecemeal, grabbing whatever courses they could even if they weren’t exactly what they wanted to learn. Others told me they lacked any opportunity. This became a very poignant point for me personally when I was shown my grandmother’s watercolour paintings, which showed that she had had a great talent but had never had the chance to ever develop it. I don’t want that to happen to other people, and in this age of the internet, I hope it doesn’t have to.

I hope my courses will help you if who really want to learn but haven’t really had the opportunity, if you are too busy with other commitments to join other groups in regular hours, if you have some knowledge but have found it hard to get that really solid foundation and/or if you have felt unconnected from other artists and art students. If this is you, welcome to the start of your new journey!

And one important thing! Art isn’t just about talent - everyone can learn! I have taught hundreds of students at all levels and this is one truth that never changes!

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We Teach You to be Independent

Our courses have a classical basis, in the sense that we focus on teaching the HOW and WHY of art - the basic principles to give you a strong foundation. We will teach you what you need to know to be an independent artist in your own right, able to analyse your subject, simplify what you see, use your knowledge of mediums, art supplies and tools to best effect and get the result that you want.

We will also teach you how to trouble-shoot for yourself - how to check your work, spot mistakes and fix them. Our aim is not to limit you to copying a video, using one medium or technique on one subject matter, but to use examples to teach you how to apply the principles to anything.

Solid Foundation

Each course builds on skills so that you develop over time. We try not to repeat ourselves and waste your time, so we build on prerquisite courses rather than repeat them.

We strongly recommend that every student starts with the Basic Drawing course to get a great understanding of the principles that underlie all forms of art. From there you can choose your own pathway so you learn what you want, at your pace and don’t have to wonder again what it is that you didn’t know you didn’t know!

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Course Structure

Each course has a number of topics. Each topic includes written material and practical exercises and many include supplemental videos or links to other helpful videos. Enrolling in our courses also gives you access to our forum, where you can ask questions and connect with other artists! Our art blog and our Youtube channel will supplement what you learn, and you can also email us questions or even request lessons through any of these channels!

Each exercise focuses on a different skill that’s needed to complete an artwork well. They generally practise each stage of the drawing or painting in the order that you would do them in your own artwork - again, training you to be your own independent artist. Art is a practical skill, so we understand you need need to DO it to learn it.

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Value for Money

As cost often prevented people from taking up courses, we do our best to offer great value for money. We not only keep the costs of our courses down to be accessible to more people, but we also design our courses to need a minimum outlay of art supplies - you can start in Basic Drawing with just some pencils and paper!

And speaking of money, we use PayPal, to give you peace of mind when enrolling in a course.

So why not check us out today? As well as our full courses, we have a number of quick mini-courses or free videos to get you started! So don’t put it off any longer! Take that first step on the path to following that dream!

Mini Courses

Quick and fun step-by-step lessons that will teach you a specific skill or formula, for all ages!

How to Zombify pretty much anything blueberry beetle mini-course
how to draw a baby dragon blueberry beetle mini-course
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